Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bob Moreland... New Studio and Work...

I have moved my studio into an old ice factory in the Ninth Ward. I need to thank Josh Barnes for all of his help hanging drywall, painting and installing lights. With all of that out of the way I have gotten started on some new work. Here are some quick shots of the space and a sneak peak at some works in progress that I will be showing at Martine Chaisson Gallery on April 7th. On the same night I will be showing a piece in the NOLA Now ''Abstraction'' show at the Contemporary Arts Center. It should be a good night for gawking, so come out if you can. Also, stay tuned for the finalized images of these works as well as some others. Maybe even another short film.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tess Brunet... Au Ras Au Ras...

                Recently I had the pleasure of visiting with Tess and one of her band mates, Patrick Hodgkins. They flipped switches, wrestled with guitar cords and played it cool while I stuck my camera in there faces. I have listened to Tess's creativity for years while she has toured the country with other great bands such as ''Dead Boy and the Elephant Men'' and ''The Generationals''. Now Tess is doing her own thing and I like it. I have been listening to the self titled ''Au Ras Au Ras'' for months now and it is one of those albums that gets better every time you hit play. While being from NOLA, they do not abuse their heritage but, instead show the world that there are plenty of compelling artists living and producing amazing things down here in the big boot.
                Her new video ''Adele''                                                                                                                     


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Found Inspiration... Artist... Jan Maarten Voskuil...

                                                                   Jan Maarten Voskuil

Monday, January 2, 2012

Artist... Alyssa Dennis... Satellite Studio Tour...

I met Alyssa Dennis a couple of months ago at a group exhibition she was showing in at Parse Gallery in NOLA. A friend had shown me her work a week before and I thought it was Super Cool, (pronounced with a thick French accent). Since then she has had a solo show at Kesting Ray Gallery in New York and had her own booth at the Pulse art fair in Miami. I recommend keeping an eye on this one.

Studio shots by Andy Cook

                      from Britt King on Vimeo.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Artist... John Harlan Norris... Satellite Studio Tour...

The first time I saw John Harlan Norris was inside a bookstore at night. He was wearing dark sunglasses which spurred me to think ''who is this ass?'' Then I started to see him at art shows and parties. I avoided him for months. Now I don't remember exactly how it was that we met because it was almost ten years ago so, I am going to make something up that may very well be true. Let's say that I saw one of his oil paintings and was impressed by the obvious time put in and intriguing subject matter. I turned to a friend and asked who the artist was. A finger pointed to the dark sunglasses and I thought '' Oh god, of course.'' I walked up to him, complimented his work and the rest was history. We became friends and eventually roommates in this house with other jerk artists like ourselves. I later found out that the only reason for the sunglasses was because he had lost his regular prescription glasses and was to broke to buy another pair. He now teaches painting and drawing with regular glasses at ASU and continues to put in countless hours in his studio. He is a respectable artist and dude.